Which are the bills I can pay through Eswipe?
Eswipe supports major home delivery services. Through Eswipe you can pay bills of bill issuers which are present in your city. For a full list, please go to billers

Who is a bill issuer?
A bill issuer is a company or organization that issues a bill or invoice requesting payment for a product or service rendered to a customer or client. 

Who is a Payer?
A Payer is a person who pays the bill issuer for a product or service.

What are the cities supported by Eswipe?
Eswipe has existence all over India, some cities are:

  • > AMBALA
  • > HISSAR
  • > JAIPUR
  • > KARNAL
  • > MUMBAI
  • > NAGPUR
  • > NASHIK
  • > NOIDA
  • > PUNE
  • > ROHTAK
  • > SURAT


How can I pay my bills through Eswipe?
Below are the steps to follow to pay a bill at Eswipe:
1) Go to Eswipe mobile app/website
2) Select the bill issuer for which you want to pay for.
3) Enter the bill details asked.
4) Login into mobile app/website using your login id and password (if not already logged in); If you are not yet registered, you can register through the mobile app/website. You can also choose to login via facebook or guest login. In case of problems, please contact us at ccare@Eswipe.org.
5) Log into our payment gateway
6) Confirm the payment details and re-enter your payment gateway password.
7) Confirmation number is displayed; please keep this number for future queries.
8) You can opt for saving/printing the transaction.


 How does Eswipe confirm payment and details?
Depending on the transaction of bill issuer the payment; due date and other details of the payer are verified. If any mismatch is found, payer is asked to correct the details.

How long does Eswipe store my details?
We keep bill payment details of the payer for 3 months, please provide transaction confirmation number while requesting for query on payment details. 

Can I print a copy of my bill payment?
Yes you can save your bill payment details after you pay your bill through Eswipe. The user can choose to print the saved copy as per his/her convenience.

How can I reactivate my Eswipe Account on a new phone/computer?
For security reasons, we discourage the use of Eswipe Account from multiple phones/computers. Still if due to any reason, you need to use it on another phone/computer; you can simply login with your user id and password. A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email notifying you of multiple logins. In case you have not logged in multiple times, kindly contact Eswipe Customer Service (+91 9674 33 4127) immediately.

How can I check the status of a transaction?
Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to check the status of transaction: 
1) Login into Eswipe mobile app/website using your login id and password as provided.
2) Go to Manage Transactions option on the homepage.
3) Click on the Search Transaction tab.
4) Enter the transaction number.
5) Click on Search Details tab.
6) Transaction details will be displayed on the screen alongwith the description.

How can I log a complaint related to any transaction?
You can send an email to ccare@eswipe.org or call our customer service hotline (+91 9674 33 4127)

What is the refund procedure if I pay extra by mistake?
Refund procedure as per PayZippy guidelines.

What will happen, if while making a payment the connection breaks and amount is deducted from my credit/debit card/iBanking account without getting a payment confirmation message
In case a connection breaks while doing a transaction and confirmation page is not shown kindly go to transaction details and check if transaction has been logged. If yes, then consider payment done. If not (and money charged to credit/debit card or iBanking), call Eswipe 24x7 Customer Care.

How can a shopkeeper become part of Eswipe network?
If you are interested in becoming an Eswipe retailer then send a mail on distributor@Eswipe.org with your shop details and someone from our team shall get in touch with you shortly.

What happens if I forget my login password?
Click on "Registration" button and then "Forgot password" button and fill the registered Email address and click "Send". An email with the login password will be sent instantly.

What happens if I forget my payment gateway password?
Click on "Registration" button and then "Forgot password" button and fill the registered Email address and click "Send". An email with the payment gateway password will be sent instantly.


What details I need to provide when escalating a transaction related complained?
Following information needs to be provided
• Retailer
• Transaction ID
• Transaction Amount
• Reason of complaint

How can I re activate/ unblock my EBL account, in case of incorrect PG password attempts?
On three unsuccessful attempts to enter PG Password, Account would get blocked and an email with a link to activate the account will be sent on the registered email address. On clicking the link the account gets activated. For accessing Login or PG, user can go to Forgot Password option to get the passwords on his registered e-mail account.

In how many attempts does the Login/ PG password get blocked?
Login/ PG password gets blocked after three unsuccessful attempts.


Will customer get an instant SMS/email of confirmation for transactions?
Customer will get an email on confirmation of transaction.